Why Cardinals Fans Should Root For The Cubs Wednesday

cubs postseasonWell, it’s finally happened. The Cubs are in the playoffs. And while I still think 2016 will be the Season Of A Dream for the Cubs, one never knows what the boys have up their sleeves. After all, they did win 97 games, have one of the most exciting rookies in years in Kris Bryant, the big bat of Anthony Rizzo, and the lights-out pitching of Jake Arrieta. That’s why ESPN put the Northsiders at the top of their MLB Playoffs Rootability Index this year.

The Cubs play the Pittsburgh Pirates Wednesday night in the NL Wild Card Game to see who will go on to face the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. As a rule, Cardinals fans aren’t very fond of the Cubs or anything having to do with the Cubs. And that means many of them will automatically root for the Cubs to lose in any game, especially one that could advance them to face the Cards. But the smart Cardinals fan should rethink that notion, because Baseball’s Best Fans would benefit in a big way from a Cubs/Cards NLDS.

  • Cardinals fans LOVE stats, so look at these 2015 season matchups:
    • Cardinals vs. Pirates 10-9
    • Cardinals vs. Cubs 11-8
  • Sure, it’s a one game swing, but any advantage should be good for the Redbirds, and since it’s a game of inches, that one extra win from the Cubs may make all the difference in the world.
  • It’s only a five game series, so Cardinals fans only have to drive to Chicago, which is a lot closer than Pittsburgh, to try and buy tickets to the two games in the Windy City and end up watching the action in a Wrigeyville bar. (For what it’s worth, I highly recommend The Cubby Bear, home of many of my brain cells over the years and right across the street from Wrigley Field)
  • More Cubs fans than Pirates fans will make the trip to Busch Stadium for the same reason. Sure, some might get into the game, but most of them will be crammed into Ballpark Village drinking beer that’s just as expensive as inside the ballpark and maybe even listening to Joe Buck provide between inning commentary, which is punishment for any Cubs fan.
  • And let’s be real here, St. Louis needs all the tourist money it can get these days. Think of the dough those giddy Cubs fans will drop while they celebrate having their team in the playoffs for the first time since 2008? Tony’s and Mike Shannon’s are gonna be packed, PACKED I tell ya!
  • Heck, its only a FIVE GAME SERIES. Win 2 at home, knock off the Cubs on the road, and then rest up for whatever suckers the Cardinals face next. Bang, zoom. You get to beat your biggest rivals and then sit at home and watch Frank Cusumano carry on about how easy it’ll be to slaughter whoever dares to face the Mighty Cardinals.
  • If anyone is going to ruin the Cubs’ chances of getting to the World Series, shouldn’t it be the Cardinals? Beating Pittsburgh would be nice and all that, but what satisfaction do you get from that? Mocking bottles of Heinz Ketchup? Cardinals fans deserve better than that.

cards_cubs(1)So you see, Cardinals fans, there are plenty of reasons for you to toss aside your long standing hatred of the Cubs, at least for one night. Think of it as short-term pain for long-term gain. Don’t you want to see the Cubs humiliated by The Cardinal Way? Wouldn’t you like to take a nice four hour ride to follow your heroes and see them advance to the NLCS by winning game 3 or 4 at what the late Steve Goodman called an “ivy-covered burial ground“? Well, that can’t happen if the Pirates prevail Wednesday night. Face it, Cardinal Nation, if the Cubs win Wednesday night, so do you. If they lose, it’s just another Red October without all the juicy hatred and rivalry the Cubs stir up in you. I bet Fredbird would even be celebrating a Cards/Cubs NLDS series.


Hey, Tom Ricketts DOES Have A Sense Of Humor

The first thing I have to do in this post is gloat about the Cubs winning the last two games from the Hapless Cardinals. Did you see the game-ending catch from Addison Russell?

Addison Russell's game-winning dive on September19th

Addison Russell’s game-winning dive on September 19th

Some pretty impressive stuff as the Cubs seem to be peaking at just the right time. But carrying on about how well the Cubs are doing in mid-September isn’t the reason for this post, we all know what happens when Cubs fans count all their chickens before they hatch, as it were. So let’s move on, shall we?

One of my favorite podcasts is NPR’sWait Wait…Don’t Tell Me“, a weekly game show produced in Chicago. Clearly the producers of the show have Cub Fever, as they had Cubs Chairman Or Whatever They Call Him Tom Ricketts this week on the “Not My Job” segment of the show.

You know I’m not a big Tom Ricketts fan, but I have to say I was impressed by the way he handled himself on the show and the actual glint of humanity and sense of humor he showed during his segment. In the event you missed the show, or you don’t believe that this guy has a humorous cell in his entire body, here’s the segment, courtesy of NPR.

OK, he’s no Harry Caray, but he was pretty good natured, as he should be since he’s selling tickets in September, historically not the most crowded time of the year at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field.

I just thought I’d share this with you, it’s almost a great moment in Cubs management history. Also, let me remind you that earlier this season I said this was NOT going to be the Cubs’ year. I still stick with my prediction that 2016 will be the Season Of A Dream. But the end of 2015 certainly is going to be fun.


One More Thing: It would be wrong for me not to note the passing of Chicago Air Personality and Sportscaster Milo Hamilton this week. Hamilton spent some time in the Cubs broadcast booth and many years with the Houston Astros. He was a fine broadcaster, had to endure a lot while working for the Cubs, and will be missed. May his memory be a blessing.

I’m Almost A Season Ticket Holder!

Back in the late 1990’s, I put my name on the Cubs Season Ticket Waiting List. A couple of years ago, during a period of, um, underemployment, my name came to the top of the list. And of course, I couldn’t plunk down the cash the Ricketts Family wanted for me to buy the upper deck season tickets that were available to me at the time.

But my luck has changed! Today, I got an e mail from the Cubs inviting me to the Season Ticket Waiting List. Woo Hoo! So I signed up. And look at the great news I got from my favorite sports franchise:

Mark Gets On The Cubs Season Ticket List

Yessiree, only 57,648 people are holding me back from getting my very own Cubs Season Tickets. An amount of people roughly equal to the population of Kokomo, Indiana stands between me and the chance to attend every game at the Friendly Confines, or attend a few games and scalp the rest of the tickets. But scalping is wrong and I’d NEVER do that.

Here’s a message to the 57,648 blocking me from basking in the warm glow of the Jumbotrons and using the soon to be remodeled restrooms at 1060 West Addison. MOVE ASIDE, BITCHES and let me get my tickets before the Cubs go to the World Series or I die, whichever comes first.

And since I’m predicting 2016 as The Year Of The Cubs®, you people better get out of the way soon.


Cubs to leave Wintrust W lit up after wins at Wrigley Field

Mark E.:

I know it’s been a while since I’ve graced these pages, and I will be back with more soon. For now, though, sharing one of the very few good things I’ve seen about the renovation of Wrigley Field.

Originally posted on Cubs Vine Line Blog:

WintrustThis season, the Cubs will debut a new twist on an old tradition. After each Cubs win at Wrigley Field, the team will keep the Wintrust “W” lit above the new video board once the ballpark lights turn off.

Though the left-field video board is definitely new, the concept of keeping a blue light shining after Cubs wins is not. During the major renovation of 1937, when the team constructed the modern-style bleachers and scoreboard and planted the ivy, the idea came about to install two lights atop the scoreboard along with the W and L flags. That way, commuters on the El would still be able to tell if the Cubs won or lost even after it got dark and it was no longer possible to see the flags.

The Cubs installed a blue light on the third-base side of the scoreboard to be lit following wins and a…

View original 94 more words

Hey Cubs, Don’t Say I Didn’t Offer….

I worry about the Cubs.  I worry that they stink, despite the last few weeks of decent play.  I worry that their attendance is going to probably be down a million people from three years ago.  I worry that the Ricketts family will ruin my beloved Wrigleyville neighborhood.  This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.

The Cubs need many things, including better Public Relations.  Recently, I saw an ad for a PR Coordinator to help in their quest to not be disliked (hated is such an awful word).  But today I got this e mail from the team:

On behalf of the Chicago Cubs, we appreciate the interest you have shown regarding our recent employment opportunity.  However, after careful review and consideration, the candidate we feel best meets our needs for the PR Coordinator position has been selected.

We will retain your resume in our database.  Please feel free, however, to visit our website atwww.cubs.com  to keep abreast of future job opportunities.

Again, thank you for your interest and best of luck in your employment search.


Chicago Cubs
Human Resources Department

SLAP MY HEAD! Who on the planet would work harder to make the Cubs beloved?  Who would try to distract people from the PR messes the team is facing?  This guy! Heck, I’d even say I liked Clark The Cubs Mascot if they had me working for the team.

My calling in life

My calling in life (Photo credit: MarkEdwardsFlicks)

So there it is, rejection from the team that needs my services, perhaps more than ever.  I know the job is dangerous, but I’m man enough to handle it.  It’s just too bad the Front Office at 1060 West Addison doesn’t see what they’re missing.

The Cubs Have Officially Lost Their Mind

If anyone needed more proof that the Cubs Front Office is operating with less than a full load of brainpower, this should prove it once and for all.


Meet Clark, the new Chicago Cubs mascot.  Yes, after all these years and in the season when the 100th Anniversary of Wrigley Field should be enough to keep fans pacified, the Ricketts family is introducing a mascot.  Here’s what the team said about this allegedly cute yet disturbing addition via Red Eye.

“The Cubs are thrilled to welcome Clark as the team’s official mascot,” Alison Miller, senior director of marketing, said in a news release. “Clark is a young, friendly Cub who can’t wait to interact with our other young Cubs fans. He’ll be a welcoming presence for families at Wrigley Field and an excellent ambassador for the team in the community.”

Call me nuts or still flummoxed by the removal of pure brewed Old Style at the Friendly Confines, but wouldn’t players who can win games be better ambassadors for the team in the community?

I do have to give the Cubs credit.  They’ve already got me slapping my forehead and it’s only January 13.  That may be the earliest in any year for that to happen.

UPDATE JANUARY 14, 2014 “Clark The Cub” (yes, that’s what they are calling him) visited kids at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center along with Cubs Rookie Prospects (Understandably, the REAL players didn’t want to be seen with him) and here he is in person in a well staged photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.  I guess they couldn’t spring for a fitted cap for him so his hair has to poke out of the knock off adjustable cap.


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OMG, I Just Got An Email From Tom Ricketts

Wow, the man who is trying to redevelop and ruin Wrigleyville turn the Cubs into winners sent ME an e mail. Me and probably about a million other distraught Cubs fans on their mailing list.

Cubs News
2013: Building a Foundation for Success
Dear Cubs Fans –An important season in our team’s development plan has drawn to a close, and I want to take a few minutes of your time to thank you for your ongoing support and provide an update on our progress.

The 2013 season was another challenging campaign at the Major League level, with only marginal improvement in our record. After careful deliberation, we made the difficult decision to proceed with a new manager next season to move us closer to fulfilling our ultimate long-term vision for this team. That search is underway, and our focus will be on providing the best possible environment for young players to learn, develop and thrive at the Major League level.

We also have been engaged in a process to save and improve Wrigley Field while reinvesting in the Wrigleyville neighborhood. Our efforts to improve the baseball organization and our facilities have resulted in promising advancement toward our family’s organizational goals of winning a World Series, preserving Wrigley Field and being a good neighbor in the City of Chicago.

We continue to be optimistic about the future of this franchise and our plan for sustained success. We aspire to become the best organization in baseball and have made strides in this direction. We acquired young, impact talent through trades, the first-year player draft and a weighted investment in this year’s international signing class. No team in Major League Baseball has spent more on combined first-year and international amateur talent than the Cubs over the four years of our family’s ownership. This investment in young talent is a significant driver of our system’s improvement and reflective of our current strategy to focus baseball resources on players who will contribute to the Chicago Cubs over the long term.

As a result, our Minor League system has improved from the bottom quartile to the second best in baseball, according to Baseball Prospectus. According to ESPN’s latest rankings, four of baseball’s top 30 prospects reside on our Minor League rosters. We’re proud to employ many of the best scouts and player development staff in the game to help us find, commit and develop these exciting young players, and they’re already helping us win. Three of our five Minor League affiliates advanced to their respective playoffs, including the Florida State League-champion Daytona Cubs.

Because training and player development are critical to our goal of winning a World Series Championship, we must ensure our players have world-class facilities. Our new Spring Training Facility is nearing completion in Mesa, Arizona. This facility will be the best in the league for Major League players to prepare for the season each spring and for young players to train and develop year-round. It will also be a great place to watch Spring Training baseball. When in Mesa, you’ll notice field dimensions and elements reminiscent of Wrigley Field, from the cantilevered upper deck and roof to a replica of the red Wrigley Field Marquee. We hope you will be able to join us next spring for the facility’s grand opening and inaugural season of Spring Training games.

This past spring, the team opened a state-of-the-art baseball academy in the Dominican Republic, spanning 50 acres with baseball fields, training facilities, player housing and an education center, making it the largest academy in the country. Many of the best players in Major League Baseball are from Latin America and this impressive complex gives our ballclub a competitive advantage when recruiting and developing talented young players in this important region.

Finally, the restoration of Wrigley Field remains at the forefront of our efforts in Chicago, and we’re closer than ever to restoring this soon-to-be 100-year-old ballpark. We have made significant progress toward obtaining the city approvals for our $300 million private investment in Wrigley Field, which will include better player facilities, new fan amenities, improved concessions and restrooms, while maintaining what fans love about Wrigley Field. We will be able to offer more events, such as concerts and sporting events, as well as family-friendly activities to enhance the fan experience and quality of life for the neighborhood. Perhaps most importantly, this restoration will provide long-term incremental revenue that will be reinvested into the baseball team.

As we prepare this landmark investment in Chicago, our players, coaches, front office and event staff continue to deliver on our family’s priority of being a good neighbor. The team donated more than $2.3 million, plus thousands of autographed items and tickets, to hundreds of Chicagoland charities from Rogers Park to Englewood. This year, we introduced new Chicago Cubs Charities signature programs: the Cubs Scholars program, the Cubs on the Move Fitness Trolley and our Diamond Project, a community impact program that will provide grants to build and revitalize baseball fields in the Chicago area. If you have ever provided a donation, purchased a 50/50 raffle ticket or attended a Chicago Cubs Charities event, we thank you for supporting increased access to sports, health, wellness and fitness causes through Chicago Cubs Charities.

From top to bottom, our organization has been clear about adopting a long-term approach to becoming a championship-caliber franchise, and the 2013 season played an instrumental role in that transformation. This organization is becoming stronger and healthier. We have added young, impactful talent throughout our system and will provide the facilities and infrastructure required for them to succeed-which means an increasing number of homegrown players joining the Major League roster ready to win while playing The Cubs Way.

We value your continued support as the team continues on this exciting journey. Like you, my family cares deeply about the success of the Cubs and we are doing what we believe is necessary to win a World Series for the greatest fans in sports. Stay tuned for details about next season as we plan to celebrate 100 years of Wrigley Field all season long.

Once again, thank you and please say “hello” when you see me at the ballpark next year.


Tom Ricketts

I’ll save what could be about 500 pages of responses to this personal note from the owner of the Cubs, but I will say this to his last paragraph. I’ll be looking for you IF I decide to take out a loan to go to a game next year.  Oh yes.

And tonight in St. Louis, where I live, the Cardinals take on the Dodgers in the first game of the NLCS.  Something that I don’t think I’ll even have the chance to say about the Cubs until at least 2016.

Mark’s 2013 Cubs Season Recap

A look back at the nightmare some called the Cubs 2013 season on the eve of the ultimate Cubs failure, letting the cardinals clinch the NL Central by losing to them in St. Louis.

And I didn’t even spout off about the whole Old Style thing, although I should have.

Cubs Management Has Crossed The Red, um, YELLOW Line

I haven’t posted about the Cubs all this season for one simple reason.  They stink.  The owners stink, the players try their best but overall they stink, and it’s been a horrible season. I haven’t even gotten the chance to get up to the Friendly Confines Of Wrigley Field for a game due to work commitments.  

But when I woke up this morning and saw this story in what we used to call the World’s Greatest Newspaper, my blood went into boiling mode and I simply had to chime in with my thoughts.

Courtesy Chicago Tribume


Anheuser-Busch new Cubs exclusive beer sponsor

Large beer sign to go up in Wrigley Field’s right-field bleachers

By Josh Noel and Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune reporters

10:09 PM CDT, September 6, 2013

The Cubs announced a deal Friday to make Anheuser-Busch their exclusive beer sponsor in 2014 and beyond, and they plan to install a 650-square-foot Budweiser sign in the right-field bleachers.

That’s bad news for Old Style, which has had an affiliation with the team for more than 60 years, as well as for Wrigleyville rooftop owners opposed to installing a large sign that could obstruct some views.

A source said the Cubs will install a mock-up of the sign when the team goes on the road next week. While it’s questionable whether construction on the $300 million ballpark renovation plan will begin this offseason as planned, the Cubs have the go-ahead to install the sign either way.

“Absolutely,” Cubs spokesman Julian Green said. “We could potentially put up the sign by 2014 (before construction begins). … We have the approval to put up a left-field video board and a right-field sign, and with Anheuser-Busch as our exclusive marketing partner, we can do it by opening day.”

The Cubs are running out of time to start the first phase of their Wrigley renovation plan, which is expected to take place over five offseasons. They had hoped to begin construction Sept. 26, the day after the Cubs’ final home game.

Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said during a radio broadcast of Thursday’s playoff game of the franchise’s Double-A Tennessee affiliate that the heavy construction likely would have to wait until after next season. He did say, though, that fans would start seeing some changes in 2014 and more in 2015.

Green said Friday that Ricketts’ comment doesn’t mean the Cubs are resigned to begin the major parts of the project after the 2014 season, but that several hurdles remain before they can start, and time is running short. They originally planned to finish an expansion of the home clubhouse before next season, which now appears unlikely.

Green said the “rooftop issue” still needs to be resolved before the ballpark renovation and work on a proposed $200 million hotel on Clark Street, across from Wrigley, can begin. The Cubs want assurances from rooftop owners they won’t sue over the contract they signed with the team in 2004 providing the Cubs with 17 percent of their revenue.

“We’re still talking to the rooftop owners to come to a resolution,” Green said. “Basically the (Ricketts) family is not comfortable making a $500 million investment with the threat of a lawsuit hanging over their heads.”

But the beer sign and the video board can be installed without the permission of the rooftop owners, and both could be up during the 2014 season, the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field.

As for the exclusive beer sponsorship, Cubs fans can expect to see Goose Island flowing at the ballpark in 2014. Brewery spokeswoman Ana Serafin said it had not been determined which Anheuser-Busch brands would be available, or in what quantity, but suggested the brewery’s “Chicago-influenced beers” would be obvious candidates.

Goose Island, which regained the beer contract this summer at the Pitchfork Music Festival, experimented with a pair of brews made just for the weekend-long fest. Though a considerably larger investment, would Goose Island consider a Wrigley-only exclusive too?

“A-B is being really supportive of our creativity,” Serafin said. “If we come back and tell them we want to create XYZ crazy beer and it would be perfect for baseball, they would listen. But we don’t know yet how creative we can get.”

For Old Style lovers and traditionalists who drink it only at Wrigley, hope springs eternal. Green said the team and its concessions management partner, Levy Restaurants, might choose to continue serving Old Style in 2014.

The Anheuser-Busch deal is a marketing agreement only. Budweiser will maintain naming rights throughout the stadium, but that doesn’t mean Budweiser products will be served exclusively at Wrigley, which would be illegal.

Still, the agreement gives Budweiser ample muscle when it comes time to set the Wrigley Field beer menu for 2014 and beyond. It appears likely vendors no longer will be selling Old Style in the aisles after 2013.

Whether the deal signals a seismic shift in Wrigley’s beer offerings is yet to be seen, but smaller craft breweries such as Revolution Brewing don’t sound optimistic.

“Sounds like a lot of dollars changed hands, and we just don’t do anything like that to sell beer,” Revolution founder Josh Deth said in an email. “We let the malt, hops and yeast do the talking, not the Benjamins. We’re hopeful the Cubs and Levy will want to pour actual craft beer made in Chicago. And I think the fans are too.”


I don’t drink a lot of beer, I’m a Maker’s Mark guy myself, but as long as I’ve been able to use a fake ID to get beer  drink, I’ve enjoyed a pure brewed Old Style at Wrigley Field. Just like eating a hot dog at a ballpark tastes different, drinking an Old Style at Wrigley made it taste better, way better.  It’s part of the Cubs Experience, but now it looks like it may go the way of Frosty Malts and Ron Santo Pizza.

I understand times change, but Old Style has managed to stay in business for many years, partly because of the loyalty of Cubs fans, the Cubs organization, and the association the brand has enjoyed with the Cubs for as long as I can remember.  Hardly anything beats sitting in the stands at Wrigley, even the Budweiser Bleachers, enjoying a semi-cold Old Style and seeing Starlin Castro blow a routine force out.  But it looks like that may not be happening in the future.

Tom Ricketts and Cubs Management have done a lot to make me and other Cubs fans angry since they bought the club.  I won’t list everything here, and don’t get me started on the Wrigley Field renovation plans.  But this time they’ve crossed the Red, um YELLOW LINE when it comes to how they run the club and the kind of fan experience they give us.

So what can we do in answer to this unprovoked attack on the Cubs Experience?  Sadly, not much.  Send an email to fanservices@cubs.com and tell them what you think, although they probably won’t answer you back.  Anheuser-Busch InBev is allegedly headquartered here in St. Louis, and I know people down at “The Brewery” who will be getting calls and emails from me all next week.  You could appeal to Kevin Feehan, the guy in charge of selling Budweiser in Chicago, to let the Old Style pour, but even if you could get him to respond, he’d probably blame someone in San Paulo or Brussels, the REAL homes of A-B, for the decision.

That leaves one final avenue of appeal, Levy Restaurants, who handles food service at Wrigley Field, and might actually have the power to keep the pure brewed Old Style flowing at the ballpark.  Their phone number is  (773) 975-3606 and you should join me in calling them during weekday business hours or contact them on the Interwebz and (NICELY) demand your Old Style.  They’re also on Facebook and Twitter if you feel inclined to follow then and send them a NICE message about this abhorrent situation. Don’t act like a Chicago policeman and be all pushy and mean, ask them NICELY to keep Old Style at Wrigley Field. Who knows, it might actually work.  And monkeys could fly out of my butt.

Some things, like the Cubs having a winning season, are an uphill battle.  Getting Old Style in Wrigley Field might be one too.  But I leave you with the encouraging words of Cub Fan John Belushi as you join me on the quest to keep at least ONE Wrigley Field tradition alive.  WHO’S WITH ME?

The 2013 Cubs Season Is Here, And I’m NOT A Happy Man

This post originally appeared on Mark Edwards Uncensored on March 30, 2013

The Chicago Cubs kick off their 2013 season Monday in Pittsburgh and have their home opener at Wrigley Field a week later.  This is going to be another rough year for the Cubs, and I’m using the miracle of multimedia to illustrate my thoughts on what I once called the “2013 Season Of A Dream”, before it became apparent that a club dedicated to rebuilding, on and off the field and mired in politics has no chance of even finishing over .500.

First, my thoughts on video.  Like the Cubs themselves, the quality is kind of substandard, and for that I apologize.

And because all of us Social Media Ninjas or Social Media Gurus or whatever the people who really don’t know a thing about social media want to call themselves these days say that everything you post needs a visual, I’ve created this with the help of the good people at someecards.com.

Anyone who has ever even met me knows I LOVE and worship the Chicago Cubs, but even I’m getting to the point where enough is enough.  Tom Rickets and his family, along with Theo Epstein and the people who run “Baseball Operations” for the team want a winner, I believe that.  But they’re not going to give it to us this year, and probably not until 2016 at this point.  Too much rebuilding, too much fighting with the city and neighbors about renovating Wrigley Field, blocking the rooftop views of the park, or maybe even moving out of the second oldest park in Major League Baseball.
Since it began, I’ve been a member of the Cubs Club, a kind of semi-VIP thing that basically lets you give the Cubs 20 bucks for a membership card and access to streaming audio of baseball games, something that has always cost about the same amount as the membership.  So here’s what you get this year:
All 2013 Cubs Club memberships are valid through December 31, 2013.


  • Personalized membership card
  • Membership sticker
  • 2013 MLB.com Gameday Audio for your computer*
  • Opportunity to participate in an exclusive Cubs Club members-only on-field event*
  • Exclusive email newsletter
  • Access to members-only website with exclusive content and offers
  • Opportunity to receive a 30-day trial to the MLB Insiders Club*

Not a horrible deal, but basically handing a double Sawbuck to the Rickets Family for nothing, except the Gameday Audio, which comes from MLB Advanced Media.  And for the same 20 bucks, about the price of a hot dog and a Budweiser at the St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium, I can get all this cool geeked out stuff for my phone, MLB At Bat.

Android Device
At Bat for Android Phones
The #1 source for live baseball, MLB.com At Bat, is the official app of Major League Baseball.
  • Multi-platform live audio access for At Bat 13 subscribers (portable to Mac/PC with a valid MLB.com account)
  • Universal support for At Bat 13 subscribers, accessible on Android smartphones and tablets and other supported mobile devices
  • Re-designed individual team pages
  • Re-architected news section navigation
  • Expanded video highlight integration
At Bat offers multiple subscription options for access to At Bat 13:
At Bat 13 Subscription Options
  • One-time annual fee of $19.99 for the entire 2013 season
  • MLB.TV Premium subscribers receive At Bat 13 for free with log-in
At Bat 13 Features
  • Access your MLB.TV Premium subscription to watch live video
  • Listen to available live radio broadcasts
  • Customize At Bat’s home screen to feature your designated favorite team.
  • Favorite team home screen widget for one-click access to your favorite team’s At Bat homepage
  • MLB home screen widget for in-progress scores around the league
  • Follow batter-by-batter action for every game
  • Enhanced video library archive, searchable by player, team or keyword
  • Breaking news, schedules and interactive rosters and players stats for every team

DO I LOOK STUPID?  If I’m going to give up 20 bucks this year, knowing that the Cubs will not be great, tickets will be easy to find when I go to the Friendly Confines Of Wrigley Field, and the Cubs Club gives me almost nothing special, who do you think is getting my “contribution” this year?  You betcha, MLB Advanced Media and At Bat 2013.

I’m not looking forward to the 2013 Cubs season from a competitive basis for sure, and I’m not sure if I’m even looking forward to having to hear about all the off field distractions that will contribute to a poor performance on the diamond.  It saddens me that I feel this way even before the first pitch is thrown out. Perhaps I’ve just been kicked in the teeth enough over the years.  Perhaps I’m setting realistic expectations for the year ahead.  Or perhaps the dreams of this kid have finally evaporated like the foam off of a pure brewed Old Style.


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